Why is Starbucks So Successful in Turkey? (English Content)

An interesting study using neuro research techniques in Germany in 2013 showed that if the prices increased, customers could pay more for a Starbucks coffee.

Introduction to Starbucks

Howard Schultz is the hero of Starbucks’ success story. Starbucks began his adventure in 1971 with a single shop in Seattle. In the early days, the shop focused more on grinding coffee, and as such, the sale of coffee remained secondary. Howard Schultz was trying to convince Starbucks owners to sell coffee rather than grinding coffee to establish a world-famous coffee shop chain. After a long struggle, Starbucks finally decided on a strategy that would help him regain his present fame. The branch opened in New York, even by the New York Times newspaper had received great interest. People were eager to experience this new coffee culture as soon as possible. Because of  the right strategies, Starbucks is growing to unpredictable levels. In 2002, the company’s value increased to exactly 300 times, a first in American history. The first overseas address of the company, which provides service in many parts of the world with 16,680 stores in 2008, opens in Japan. There are now over 27,000 Starbucks in 75 countries and millions of people order their favorite coffee products every day. The Turkish people, who love coffee very much, first met Starbucks in 2003.


For many people, Starbucks is not only a place to buy coffee, but also a peaceful place to rest. After a tired day, you can chat with friends over coffee or work in a quiet corner. And also customers can enjoy unlimited and fast internet services with great music and delicious coffee.

The value given to the staff 

According to Martin Schultz, the company’s main success is due to its employees. In fact, Starbucks cares about its employees and trying to satisfy its employees before customers. Because they are aware that an employee who is happy enough in business will service to customers in the best way possible. They have a maximum of 6 employees in each branch, enabling them to get to know each other better and establish good relationships. They determine the working hours of the employees after talking to them personally. Also, one of Starbucks ‘ most important rules is that they calling employees as “partners,” that is, partners(ortak). In this way, they aim to achieve sincerity in their relations. In this way, they ensure that problems arising from large bureaucratic distances can be solved in a shorter time. They weekly meetings and listen to the complaints of the employees and work to solve the problems noticed by them.

Support the innovation

Starbucks was an innovation for the coffee world. First of all, it made a difference by offering coffee in three different sized cups, small, medium and large, not standard size like others. This was the first for customers and a very popular innovation. In addition to standard taste, it never loses its innovative spirit for the discovery of new tastes and the best way to offer them to customers. Compared to ordinary coffee shops, Starbucks offers many options to collect thr people with different tastes under one place.

With Starbucks Card, you can earn one star for each purchase (at least $ 3.00), and when you reach a total of 15 stars, you can get 1 Tall drink free. You can also take advantage of special surprises and campaigns that only Starbucks Card holders will offer to their guests.

Standart value 

Wherever you go in the world, you won’t be a foreign as soon as you enter any Starbucks branch. You will feel that there is no difference in the taste of coffee you drink in Turkey or Japan except traditional taste. Because of  the standardization, Starbucks has maintained its brand value for many years and has millions of loyal customers all over the world.  The quality of service makes people feel special.  Despite the prices are above other coffee brands, the fact that Starbucks is always preferred so much proves the success of the company’s working style.

Is it really expensive? 

To answer shortly, the product and service performance you receive is very high compared to the price you pay. It is not possible to drink coffee anywhere more than 5 TL, but you can drink various coffees from 8 to 14 TL, including the largest coffee sizes, with all the services we have just talk about Starbucks.

As a result, why Turkish people loves Starbucks? 

The price of a filter coffee is currently 7.5 TL at Starbucks. When you wake up one morning, have your breakfast and go to any Starbucks around you. Take your computer or take your book or don’t buy anything, just go and sit down with a filter coffee. You can sit there alone until Starbucks closes that evening. Nobody asks you what do you wanna eat or drink, or nobody can lift you up.

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