The Backfire Effect (English Content)

It can be interpreted as excessive commitment to an idea or thought. It is a enough for denial, even if what he believes is true.

The psychology theory that shows that no matter how hard you try, no matter how much evidence is presented, you can’t make people who support an opinion give up on that thought. It also explains why all the discussions on social media in recent days could not end with an agreement, why the sides continued to argue and why both sides could not be persuaded in some way.

Two psychologists, Nyhan and Reifler, prepared fabricated articles supporting opposing political views in their 2006 study. The articles are written in a way that defends the generally misunderstood views in the society. As soon as the subjects read the fabricated article, they were immediately given the real article defending the opposing view. For example, while in a fabricated article it was written that there were nuclear weapons in Iraq, the real article immediately after it said that there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq. Those who were pro-war, as can be expected, accepted the claims in the first article and rejected the claims in the second. But the interesting thing is that when they read the second and correct article, they embraced their wrong thoughts even more and after reading this article they said that they were quite sure that there was nuclear weapons in Iraq. In short, in many researches and experiments on the subject, it has been seen that if a person is attached to an opinion, he rejects the evidence and clings to his own opinion more heartily, even if the other person wants the strongest evidence…

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